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“Best Shimmer” is designed as a handbook for you to change your life with small changes every day.

Whether you’re a celebrity with a glam squad, socialite, budding professional or a happy homemaker, I’ve observed that all the objectives are the same, to look stand out in the crowd. Some people are just more aesthetically inclined and fabulous than others. You know the reason? They try to bring up the small and useful changes in their lives for the utter happiness.

After almost one year of research and rigorously working on the biggest before + after projects of my, I am finally pleased about what has been accomplished, a user guide to keep you trendy, stylish and healthy with contentment indeed.

This is a new beginning for Best Shimmer. In addition to beauty & health tips, I’m thrilled to create a space for traveling & fashion stories with a more conscious conversation about relationships too. Excited for all the wonderful things yet to come.

Stay tuned with me… You won’t be disappointed. I look forward to getting to know you!


With love,

Best Shimmer

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